Take your game to the next level at Salem Ridge Golf & Academy, home to Canada’s finest teaching Professionals. Get to know your clubs, your golf swing and your skill level by working closely with our PGA of Canada professionals who will teach you how to master YOUR game. Training is about learning or improving a skill and coaching is about learning or improving a skill and being able to apply it specifically to enhance performance. Practice and improve all aspects of your golf game through our Private Training & Coaching Programs.



Do you want to strike the golf ball better? Learn new ball striking skills and techniques, or, simply improve and advance your current skill level? If you do then it is essential to both evaluate and analyze the skills you already possess. We at the Salem Ridge Golf & Academy believe that the best way to help you is to test and assess your current ball striking skills and then formulate a plan to help you improve and achieve new levels of success.

The Salem Ridge Golf & Academy Swing Evaluation (SE) will evaluate and analyze your current skill level, and, more importantly, illuminate the areas in most need of improvement. The data gathered and the information it provides will aid and guide our PGA of Canada Professional’s so they can best advise you on the next and best steps in skill enhancement.

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The Salem Ridge Golf & Academy Training Programs are specifically designed to help improve and change the skill level of the golfer going through the program. Training is about learning or improving a skill and coaching is about learning or improving a skill to enhance performance!

*Please Note: All Golf Skill Acquisition Sessions are 1 Hour in Duration per Session.

The Pure Contact program is designed for the golfer who wants to significantly improve their ball striking ability. This program is all about learning how to improve he mind-body-club connection to produce consistently pure golf shots!

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  • The quick fix (private). 


    1.5 hour Swing Evaluation 3-1 hour Private Lessons, Player Package

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  • The quick fix (2 People)


    2 hour Swing Evaluation, 3-1.5 Hour Semi-Private Lessons 2 Player's Packages

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  • The Calibration (private)


    1.5 Hour Swing Evaluation, 6- 1 hour Private Lessons, Player's Package 

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  • THe Program (private)


    1.5 Hour Swing Evaluation, 12-1 Hour Private Lessons, Player's Package

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  • Group programs:

    2022 Group Programs 

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This program is designed to provide the greatest amount of flexibility possible for any level of golfer. If you are a newer golfer and unsure of the next steps in game improvement then our PGA of Canada Professionals will guide you through our testing and planning process and help you formulate a plan to achieve your goals. However, if you are a highly skilled and competitive player then we can build a program for you that will truly maximize your skill and improve your score!